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Cleveland, the Tweetosphere & Beyond!

New Horizons NASA Probe Tweet-Up #PlutoFlyBy

Join us July 14 at the Euclid Tavern, University Circle, Cleveland with Institute for the Science of Origins experts & live feed from NASA!

On July 14th, the NASA space probe New Horizons will complete its nine and a half year journey to the dwarf planet Pluto, and will provide unprecedented information about its atmosphere, terrain, and the evolution of icy objects in our outer Solar System. The New Horizons team has put significant effort into fostering Twitter engagement by advertising the hashtag #PlutoFlyby as a way for the public to participate in the conversation. Sponsored by the Institute for the Science of Origins, Amanda Yoho and Matthew Francis will host a local tweet up, where Clevelanders can socialize and participate in this historic space mission. In addition to following the social media activity and NASA TV broadcasts on the big screens, we’ll have local space mission experts to provide context, answer questions and debate whether Pluto deserves to be a planet.

The event will take place from 8-10pm on July 14th, with the expected NASA confirmation of the closest approach happening at 9:02pm EDT. Attendees will be encouraged to participate on social media, mingle, and chat with local experts. The event overall is meant to be relaxed, with planned live aspects casually interspersed within the NASA coverage.

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